Mireya Harris2 Comments


Mireya Harris2 Comments

November 28, 2016

Another incredible invention from Tom Pellerau. 
How many of you can't be bothered to clean your makeup brushes regularly? It's such an effort... I know this because I have to do it 100 times more than you do. After every job/client I have to clean all my brushes rigorously. I can't tell you how often I've wished for a quick solution, but alas, it takes a day at least to do them all properly, and wait for them to dry ect., etc., etc. 

Tom was kind enough to let me test his brand new invention... He got it right that's for sure, in less than 40 seconds you can clean and dry the dirtiest of brushes. It's a miracle. 

  • Fill the glass bowl with water and anti-bacterial soap

  • Fit brush into the correct-sized silicone collar, via the spindle. Click into the StylPro.

  • Dunk the brush into the soapy water for 10 seconds

  • Spin clean while the brush is submerged in water for 10 seconds 

  • Lift the brush above the water, let it spin dry for 10 seconds 

  • The brush will now be ready to use!! 

    Mind blowing.... To think I used to spend a day waiting for my brushes to dry naturally, now I have to wait 40 seconds and the whole process is finished!! 

    I'm very thankful to Tom, this truly is an amazing invention, not only for makeup artists but for anyone who wants to clean brushes faster and more regularly.  We all know my thoughts on clean brushes. 

    So get yours this month or put it on your Christmas list!!  It is now stocked in Boots or click here to buy. 

    Check my Facebook page to see before and after photos!! 

    Lots of love,

    M x