Mireya HarrisComment


Mireya HarrisComment

December 28, 2016

Today I thought I’d write about some of the most common misconceptions or myths, if you like, within in the beauty and makeup industry. Personally I don't believe there should be any set rules and regulations to makeup; makeup should be an expression of who you are, what you love and how you want yourself to be perceived.  So without further ado - here are 10 of the most common makeup myths.

1: Mature ladies should only wear matte eyeshadow: 
Absolutely not the case. The reason behind this myth is that everybody thinks they shouldn't highlight the lines around their eyes with a shimmering shadow. There is a difference between ‘sheen’ and ‘sparkle’.  Mature women can absolutely wear eyeshadows with a sheen, they look beautiful, brighten the eyes and make everything look that little bit more radiant. Don't be scared to play around with colour and texture and embrace your beautiful face, however old or young you may be. 

2: Wear foundation darker than your skin tone to look tanned:
OH… how often I see this. The dreaded tide line. If I can give you any advice with regards to foundation colour choices it would be to always go lighter rather than darker. If you want to look tanned, use a bronzer or have a spray tan.  When your face is one colour but your hands, neck and ears are another, put simply - it’s not a good look. 

3: No need to use a cleanser or face wash in the morning because I took my makeup off the night before:
This is a real bug bear of mine. When you think about it, you've put your serum, moisturiser, maybe a night oil on before bed, then you sleep in it… You get hot in the night, maybe sweat a little… your face is not clean!!  In order to remove the remnants of last night’s products you need to cleanse your face in the morning.

4: I should only wear eyeshadow colours that are best suited to my eye colour: 
True, there are certain colours that make eye colours ‘pop’, or enhance the colour of the eye, these colours are usually found on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your eye colour.  For example blue eyes are well suited to copper and orange tones, but that doesn't mean that green eyes can’t wear them too.  If you want to try new colours, be bold… there are no rules with makeup.

5: Blush should be used all over the face to give some colour:
A common misconception, blusher (hence the name) is meant for giving the cheeks a natural looking ‘blushing’ effect, giving the face some life.  You don't blush on your nose or forehead naturally.  That is what bronzer is for - to warm up your skin tone. 

6: Oily skin must wear matte foundation:
Absolutely not.  If you like the dewy look, you can find an oil free dewy foundation.  Just because you have oily skin doesn't mean you are confined to one type of makeup look.  We’re not stuck in the 30’s, makeup technology has moved on, there are plenty of powders and amazing foundation formulas out there to suit everybody’s needs. 

7: Not everyone can wear a red lip: 
Untrue. You may not be brave enough to wear red but everyone can… just need to find the right shade for you.

8: Concealer goes before foundation:
Nope. When you think about it, putting on foundation after concealer would just rub off the concealer you put on. Concealer goes after foundation to hide any blemishes or discolouration that the foundation didn’t. 

9: No need to use sun protection on my face in winter:
Yep, you do.  The sun is out all year round, no matter how hot or cold it is. There are two types of ray UVA and UVB.  UVB is the ray that burns your skin when the sun is hot, UVA is the one that ages our skin, and that one is around all the time.  So get a good SPF and apply it everyday.

10: Oily skin should not use anything with oil in:
Actually, using an oil based cleanser to remove your makeup, or an oil at night will help the skin to produce less oil in the long run. Stripping your skin of all oil will make the skin want to produce more oil to over-compensate for the oil it has lost.  Oily skin types need hydration too. 

So there you have it, hopefully I've cleared a few things up… If you have anymore, please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to read them. 

Lots of love,

M x