July 14, 2016


It surprises me how often I hear a women say ‘Angelina Jolie wears this lipstick so I want it’. NO just because you have the same lipstick as Angelina Jolie, it doesn’t mean you're going to look like her once you apply it. Be savvy with your colouring, know what suits YOU. I know colour can be scary, I’ve been there, but applied in the right way, it can look outstanding. 

You wouldn't catch me wearing a bold lip a few years back, nuh uh, no way, never..
Perfectly content in soft pinks and nudes thank you very much. Comfortable is the word. A bit like those comfortable shoes you’ve had for over 10 years, they're not in great shape, no one ever passes comment on them, because they've seen you wear them for the last 10 years, but you just can't bring yourself to stop donning them. 

Once in a while I’d try a red lip, take one look in the mirror and take it straight off. It wasn't me. There’s a certain type of pressure being a makeup artist, you constantly feel judged on how your own makeup looks, too right to be fair. If I had someone doing my makeup that looked like they couldn’t do their own, I’d run for the hills, wouldn't you? Anyway, one day I got talking to a lady, who like me, was stuck in a rut with her lipstick and would only ever wear browns. I somehow managed to convince her to try a bright coral, she was nervous to wear it at first, but I told her to live in it for the day, and assured her that the change would be a good thing. Feeling like a hypocrite, I felt I should probably do the same thing. This is when my life changed and I fell in love with Kevyn Aucoin's ‘forever’ matte lipstick. I will never forget the day I first wore it, compliment after compliment. I felt fabulous. 

So. My advice to you, If you're not confident wearing a bold or bright lip, first find the right shade for you, (start with a sheer finish and work your way up to a matte once you feel brave) live in it for a day, and keep glancing at yourself in the mirror. I promise at the end of the day you will love the way it makes you feel.

Lipstick will give you a confidence clothes just cant.