July 22, 2016

I’ts a question I’ve often been asked, ‘how do I know which eyeliner to choose?’ 
Well it completely depends on what eye look you're trying to achieve and the shape of your eyes. 

If you don't know your kohl from your liquid, here are a few simple tips when choosing: 

Pencil liner:

  • easily blended and smudged
  • more natural and can be blended easily with eyeshadows
  • can achieve a fairly precise line

kohl liner:

  • jet black
  • easily blended and smudged
  • sits perfectly in the waterline and doesn't budge
  • no precise lines

Gel liner:

  • usually used with a brush
  • very precise lines and controlled colour gradations
  • Controlled thickness/thinness of lines
  • they are smudge proof and long lasting 

Liquid liner:

  • either in a pen form or ink and brush
  • controlled fine lines
  • precise and often smudge proof

When doing an intense dark smokey eye, I find myself using 2 or 3 liners and techniques.  I nearly always use kohl liner in the waterline and smudged across the top of the lash line, I might also use a gel liner on top to create a feline flick for extra VA VA VOOM. 

It is commonly known that if you have small eyes and not much lid space, you preferably shouldn't use a liner inside your waterline or along the bottom lash line, this can make the eyes appear smaller. Instead elongate the eyes with a slight wing or tightline them for a much more subtle look, focusing on the outer corner of the eye is the most essential tip. 

Tightlining is an old school method of eyeliner first used by makeup artists in the 70’s and 80’s. 

But what is it? Tightlining gives the lashes more volume and depth, defining the lash line by keeping the liner tight to the lashes filling in the gaps between each and every lash. If you don't want your liner to be obvious, this is a fab method to use.

When working with hooded eyes I tend to use the tightening technique and most definitely a waterproof/smudge proof eyeliner. I use a light eyeshadow base to brighten and stick very close to the lash line with darker colours and liners. 

If you are in the almond shape eyes club, you can rejoice in the fact that mastering that winged liner look will be 10 times easier for you. Almond eyes are the best for creating that slick flick... Just follow the beautiful natural curves of your eye.

Round eyes look stunning with a smudgy smouldering look dark on top and dark on the bottom. If you want to make your eyes appear longer I would suggest bringing the eyeshadow out further towards the end of your brow, or a liquid line from where your iris starts, out to the corner of your eye. 

Wide set eyes should focus on the inner corners, this will make them appear closer together. Start in the tear duct and along the waterline but be sure not to extend further than the outer corner. 

If you'd class yourself as part of the Close set eye club, then working on the outer corners of your eyes is a must. You could use a gel or liquid liner very thinly starting just before your iris, and gradually get thicker towards the outer corners. 

I do hope these little tips and tricks have helped put your liner worries to bed. 
Get practicing... It makes such a difference. 

More from me soon 

M x