August 23, 2016

When I first started training as a makeup artist I HATED sponges…. and I mean HATED!! Looking back now it’s no surprise I had strong feelings of hatred towards them… Seriously look at them…

This is what what I had to work with…  I’d run out of product half way through doing someone’s foundation because these pitiful excuses for sponges would soak up all of the product.

So, having been left with a bad taste in my mouth, when the ‘beauty blender’ took the market by storm, it’s safe to say I did not get involved with the hype. £16 for a sponge, are you kidding me…? That is what I thought for a good year, until I got given one….

When I used the beauty blender for the first time I was absolutely bowled over. My face looked flawless, now I’m thinking, no wonder everyone was banging on about it all the time,  I wish I’d tried it sooner. Still, £16 for a sponge was a bit steep, so I went on the hunt for some cheaper alternatives. 

I now consider myself a sponge connoisseur.
When looking for a decent makeup sponge, take into consideration the density of it before it’s damp. If the sponge feels hard when you squeeze it, chances are it won’t blend nicely, look out for ones that are nice and soft when squeezed. 

How to use:
Damp the sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Apply foundation either directly to your face or on the back of your hand. With the sponge dab the foundation, pushing it into the skin. I do mean DAB, don't smear… The dabbing action helps the foundation or concealer look way more natural and evenly applied. 

I have been through all sorts of sponges and I must say, I now have 4 favourites. 

Beauty Blender - £16
Real Techniques - £5.99
H&M Pink Sponge - £1.99 best value
H&M Purple sponge -£1.99 best value 

Try them out and let me know what you think. I was so pleased when I found the H&M beauties…

Lots of love,

M x