Mireya HarrisComment


Mireya HarrisComment

August 29, 2016

Today I thought I would talk about colour!
A lot of people ask me which eyeshadow colour they should wear to bring out the best in their eye colour. I have to say, I don't stick to these guidelines religiously, but it does make a difference when choosing which shadow shades to buy. 

I decided to summarise a little to make it easy. 

Blue eyes: Golds, bronzes, earthy tones, corals and oranges look stunning and really brings out the blue in the iris.

Green eyes: A pop of purple in a smokey eye is amazing, or a brown/bronze smokey eye. Purple liner looks stunning. Green eyes are so versatile, you can get away with almost any colour. 

Grey eyes: I would use muted colours almost like the colour of the iris. Washed out greys, khaki greens or a wash of a natural taupe shade during the day. Amp it up a bit in the evening, a dark smudgy liner would look fab against the grey of the eyes. 

Hazel eyes: Dusky pinks and light metallics make the lighter flecks of hazel eyes stand out beautifully. Bronze tones and browns work nicely too.

Brown eyes: Any colour on brown eyes will look nice, but especially soft pinks and browns. Cobalt blue and emerald green look gorgeous in a smokey eye or worn as liners.

To be honest, I don’t think that there are any ‘right or wrongs’ when it comes to eyeshadow shades. Personally I'm not a fan of highly pigmented block colours all over the lid, I prefer to blend them into other shades... But thats just my style, if it works for you... Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Just be aware that some shades will bring out the best of your beautiful eye colour. 


M x