Mireya HarrisComment


Mireya HarrisComment

February 20, 2017

To me, perfume is something very special.  An individual scent can conjure up so many different memories, and my memories are based around scent a lot of the time.  Sometimes I'll smell something and randomly feel transported back to a childhood holiday, because the smell in the air is what I remember.  Those of you that know me know I smell everything.  My family laugh at me because when I was little I used to go round smelling them all… It was a comforting thing I think, to know their smell, it made me feel peaceful… *awkward face.  

Perfume is so unique, it smells different on everyone, reacting differently with skin types and pheromones.  It’s such a science, mixing individual notes together to create one fabulous smell.  I love it. 

My two favourite perfumes in all the world are:  

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: If you want compliments all the time, this is the perfume for you. Not a day goes by, when I wear this perfume, that someone doesn’t compliment me on it.  It is unisex, and instead of having a mixture of notes, it is made with just one molecule; the aroma-chemical Iso E Super. This is what usually goes into a perfume to make the notes more prominent,  but on its own it adapts to your pheromones and smells different on everyone.  You can’t smell it on yourself, which is a tad annoying, but every so often you may get a little whiff of it.  To me it smells slightly woody, it’s very hard to descirbe.
Trust me when I say, it suits everyone and you will not regret splurging on this. 

My next favourite is Germaine de Capuccini Le Jardin de Carmen Vidal Fragrance - Kokura:  A mouthful I know.
This fragrance is beautiful on its own or layered over the top of Molecule.  I like to have things no-one has heard of and this one was my little secret. 

Top note: Mandarin, Lemon, Green Tea.
Middle note: Cherry Flower, Orchid, Jasmine, Freesia.
Base note: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk.

I love the more musky, masculine scents.  I’d describe this scent as delicate but fiery.  A concoction of all my favourite smells in one perfume, no wonder I love it so much. 

Kokura Eau De Parfum, £59.50 Click here to buy

I have recently got into ‘layering’ my fragrances, it’s nice to change it up a bit every once in a while.  I've decided one day I'd like to create my own fragrance...

What are you favourite perfumes? Are you loyal to just one scent, or do you have a variety? 

Lots of Love, 
M x