Masks of the week

Masks of the week

May 3, 2017

Masks of the week 

This week I’ve been a poorly girl; I don’t know where my immune system has gone, but it seems I haven’t got one this year.  Anyway, what do girls do when they’re poorly?  Watch a lot of Netflix, eat food, and do 10 face masks a day… Okay slight exaggeration, I only did a few face masks but I have eaten all the food ever and exhausted the life out of Netflix.  Time to get a hobby I think. 

Sarah Chapman Instant Miracle Mask:

I’ve had this one sitting in my ‘mask drawer’ for ages, goodness knows why I’ve never used it before.  As the name would suggest the results really are instant, my face felt plumped, radiant and moisturised.

Peel off masks are my favourite, so satisfying.  I play a game with myself every time I use one to see if I can peel it off in one big chunk.  I wouldn’t ordinarily admit to such things but I’m sure I’m not the only one. 
The pack of masks come with a spoon/scoop and what looks like a protein shaker.  The instructions tell you to measure out 60ml of water, empty the contents of the sachet into the water and shake until your mask goes silent.  Apply an even thick layer all over the face, also great for backs of hands and decolette.  The only downside to this mask is that the first ingredient is talc, that always puts me off, nevertheless I enjoyed using it and did see results immediately. 

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Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic marine hydrating modeling mask:

This one is much the same as the Sarah Chapman in that you ‘mix up’ the mask yourself, apply it with a spatula and peel it off.

The difference is, this mask is blue (way cooler looking like a Smurf) and super cooling throughout.  I bought the pack of 4 masks not that long ago after hearing rave reviews.  Instantly cooling and hydrating, this mask leaves your skin feeling plumped for days.  It would also benefit anyone who suffers with redness or rosacea.  If your skin is in need of an extra surge of moisture this is the one for you.  Again, peeling this mask off is a very satisfying exercise.  I will continue using these and probably purchase more, they make good gifts too, you get to play chemist, mix up your own potion, and they are good for all skin types - but especially dry and dehydrated skin. 

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Rodial lip mask:

The ultimate pamper.  I never want to take these lip masks off.  Everything about it feels luxury.  If you suffer from dry lips, look no further.  Even if you don’t suffer with dry lips and just want something to hydrate and smooth, look no further.  I think I have found the lip mask of my dreams.  The aftertaste isn’t bad at all, I always worry with lip masks that I’m going to be left with a disgusting taste in my mouth for days, but this isn’t overbearing by any means.   I usually apply these just before bed, leave on for 20 mins (5 mins longer then the packet says because I like to long it out), go to sleep and wake up with super soft plumped lips. 

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So there you have it, these 3 beauties helped make my face look a little more alive over the last week and for that I am thankful... 

If you have any suggestions or masks you think I'd enjoy please do leave a comment or email me directly. 

Lots of love

Mireya x