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Mireya Harris1 Comment

DecEmber 31, 2016 


This will be my last post of 2016... how emotional. 
I have absoloutely no idea if any of you will be interested in what I cart around in my makeup bag everyday… but I thought, why not share it with you anyway.  These are the products I literally carry around in my handbag every day. 

1: Nars creamy concealer: To be honest I rarely, if ever top up my concealer during the day, but somehow feel it necessary to have with me JUST in case. 

2: Beauty blender: Again, I rarely use this once I've applied my makeup, BUT sometimes I like to dab my face… just for fun.  In case of emergency, I like to be prepared, okay!!

3: Mascara: For the times I spontaneously need to top up my lashes and don't have time to go home. 

4: Eyelash curlers: Eyelash curlers are my life.  My friends laugh at me for having so many, but I’d be totally lost without them.  I usually curl them twice a day, if not more… slightly obsessed.  I also have a backup pair in my car, of course… who doesn’t? 

5: Lipgloss: I rarely use lipstick, so feel it necessary to carry five lip glosses and lip balm around with me, I chop and change colours during the day…I like to mix it up a bit, you know?  Also IN LOVE with the Keils mango lip balm, I use it all the time, especially this time of year, it has saved my lips from the dryness.

6: Bronzer: I like to have this with me daily just incase I suddenly turn pale and have to apply more.  HAHA.  Writing this has made me realise it is not necessary to carry bronzer around everyday. 

7: Highlighter: Everyone knows how much I love to glow…very handy to have as a top up, plus I can wear it as an eyeshadow if need be. 

8: Liquid liner: Imagine if I didn't have this, and suddenly decided I wanted a flick… Disaster.

9: Eyebrow gel: Because my brows are horrific at the moment and need taming often. 

10: Brushes: A highlighter brush and bronzer brush… For all the times I top up my bronzer. 

Writing this has made me think twice about what I actually need to be lugging around with me all day everyday.  I definitely don’t need half of it, BUT I feel it’s better to be safe then sorry.

What do you have in your makeup bag?  As much as me, or more? I want to know.
Leave me a comment below.

P.s my makeup bag is from Long champ and it's amazing, waterproof, washable, small enough to go in any handbag; big enough to fit the whole world in apparently. 

Lots of love,

M x